Boost Logic IRS Ford 9" Conversion

Boost Logic IRS Ford 9" Conversion
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We have developed a custom setup to fit the Ford 9" Rear end in the Supra TT while still retaining the stock Independent Rear Suspension setup. We use a custom cast aluminum case to hold the Ford 9" 3rd member in the car. The 9" is the most widely used and modified rear end in the drag race community. The rear end is mounted in the car with thick tubing and plate steel which completely boxes in the rear end which also strengthens the stock rear subframe. In addition to the new support pieces, we also stitch weld the subframe to increase it's rigidity. This rear end and axle assembly will hold whatever you can throw at it. In addition to the rear end, we also modify your stock hubs to accept a larger splined axle. This is THE ultimate setup for your drag Supra!

*This kit will require your rear subframe as a core. We can arrange shipping pickup for this. Estimated cost is around $150.00 each way.

Included in the Kit: Custom Heat Treated Cast Aluminum Housing with extra thick mounting for stub axles Moser Nodular 3rd Member (2.50-6.50 gearsets available) with 1350 Series Yoke Heavy Duty Chromoly Stub Axles to 930 CV Joints Extreme Chromoly Axles with 930 CV Joints (1 Year Warranty) Rebroached Stock Hubs to accept larger axle splines 3/8" Plate Steel and 1/4" Thick Tubing for Case Mounts Stitch Welded Subframe Welded in upper tubular support mounts with extra 1/4" plate bracing Stock Urethane mounts removed and replaced with welded 1/2" thick solid Stainless Steel Plates Available to be purchased 1st quarter of 2009