TTC Performance Products is proud to present the beautiful one piece machined engine girdle for the 1uzfe, 2uzfe, and 3uzfe. The quality can be seen. We're at your service. create avatar
Have a look at some beautiful machining, this 2uzfe Toyota V8 engine girdle takes a full day to manufacture and is hugely impressive.

If I say I'm a production man, you will agree. Whether we're talking tactical or automotive, we're the people to talk to. We are fixed like no other company to begin working on your project immediately once the order is made. I have the tools and manpower ready to start working, and can put up the cash to back my word. I can make this assurance.. no matter what the others promise to do, when it comes to the showdown they won't be there...

We at TTC Performance are your home for custom billet parts, extreme engine projects, and innovative firearms accessories. If it can be imagined, chances are that we can accomodate. We give no nonsense straight talk on projects, and if you've got a special project or have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.